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Mission: Develop, connect, and empower all individuals to discover and fulfill their potential.


FREDDIE COLE, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Pastor

was born in Austin, Texas, but spent most of his youth between Maryland and Virginia as a 2 sport All-American. To fast forward, Freddie moved to Clermont, Florida in the fall of 2011 from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Travel has been no stranger to him as he has played professional basketball in over 5 countries during his career. No matter where he went, he always found time to connect with the people in his community, regardless of their social status. He has always had a heart for people and has heard many times that he was going to become a pastor and lead a ministry that will change the world.

In 2007, he started a non-profit organization in Tallahassee, Florida called All Day Athletics, Inc. This program was centered toward inner-city youth that have been left behind. He used basketball as the tool to mentor, encourage, and help them to find their purpose. In 2 years of running that organization, he and his team of mentors helped over 20 inner city kids change their lives, and go to college (some on athletic scholarships). The organization lasted another 2 years after he got married in 2009, when he moved to Michigan to start another chapter of his life with his new wife.


Freddie was given a vision of the One Body Outreach, Inc in 2011 and the doors were opened for him to begin laying the foundations of that ministry in July of 2016. He founded One Body Outreach, Inc. with his wife Khalilah and things took off from there. Grace Restoration Church was the first ministry to come of it, in which he is currently Senior Pastor. He currently sits as the CEO of all 3 areas of One Body Outreach's ministries which include the church, Rescue and Restore, and Kingdom Prep Academy.


Freddie is a class of 2016 graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Master' in Educational Leadership, a class 2000 graduate of Bethune-Cookman University, a certified educator, an Insurance Agent, and runs an online business. He has 3 daughters (Arianah, Anaya, and Amariah) and 1 son who is named after him (Freddie III). He credits his success to God and his beautiful wife and friend Khalilah Cole.  You can reach Freddie Cole at pastorcole@onebodyoutreach.org or 321.230.4546


KHALILAH A. COLE, Chief Information Officer

was born in Bronx, New York, but was moved as a child from Oakland, California, to Detroit, Michigan where she earned a Master’s in Manufacturing Operations and a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering. She attended an advanced Engineering program at Focus: HOPE Manufacturing where she found her passion for the hopeless and youth who had no one to speak up for them. In the field of engineering, she quickly became one of the top leaders in the automotive industry with General Motors which led to several promotions. A people's leader, she led a large team of skilled tradesman and was later promoted to lead twelve dealerships becoming a District Sales Manager in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.


In her early twenties, Khalilah started Virtuous by Design in her home. She would have weekly meetings with young ladies, teaching them the aspects of being a virtuous woman. The five young ladies that she committed themselves to the program are now in happily married with families of their own. Later she founded Biblically Speaking ministry to help women find their voice by writing their stories in books to be published. It is when she wrote and published, In My Own Shadow.


As a child, her passion was always education. After ten years with General Motors, she found out that she was pregnant, and was ready to resign from General Motors to Florida to pursue a career in Education. She became certified in 6-12 Mathematics, Physics, and primary 3-K. She now has several years of teaching under her belt in various subjects at the high school level in a traditional, as well as, virtual school setting. She found her fulfillment in motherhood and mentoring many of her students.


Khalilah has been a licensed minister since 2009 and has attended and taught many seminary courses. This led her to obtain a doctoral degree in Organization leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education from Grand Canyon University so that she can start and successfully run her own seminary, Grace Christian College. She has completed everything except for her dissertation. She plans to finish her dissertation for her Doctorate's in Educational Leadership and Administration by Spring 2018 from Grand Canyon University online. Khalilah and her husband, Freddie Cole has shared the same visions about ministry even before ever meeting. Khalilah can be reached at info@onebodyoutreach.org or 321.442.4234

DRUMMOND SYKES, Chief Operating Officer, Care Pastor 

is the co-founder of Rescue and Restore and the COO of One Body Outreach, Inc., Drummond established Rescue and Restore with the assistance of six others who have the same passion and desire to help homeless and hopeless people reestablish themselves and their lives back to productive members in their communities. Drummond has been active, with his wife, for over 30 years helping or supporting children, families, friends and the homeless with housing, counseling, or temporary support during difficult times. Drummond passion relates to the homeless and hopeless because he was once homeless and had to deal with the same issues that plague the homeless today. Drummond also owns Druitt car service, a real estate investment company, and have owned others at different times in his life. He has been in retail management for over 25 years. Under Drummond’s leadership, several stores he managed increased sales with reductions in labor costs and inventory loss resulting in 6 promotions during a span of 11 years. Drummond currently lives in Davenport, Fl. with his wife of over 14 years and is currently helping the homeless one family at a time by taking in homeless into his own home and hosting food giveaways with other supporters. Drummond can be contacted at dsykes@onebodyoutreach.org.

ROBIN SYKES, Organizational Specialist

was born in New Haven, Connecticut where she obtained an extensive resume in retail management for over 20 years when she realized her passion to help others and moved to Davenport, Florida in 2014 to answer her call into ministry. She has utilized her knowledge of owning two small businesses where she was responsible for, but not limited to travel, catalog ordering, payroll, and inventory control to effectively assist in running Rescue and Restore. She has over 11 years in volunteer experience in teaching preschool aged children and helping them to understand their place and purpose in this world. 
Robin is a skilled multitasker, deadline oriented, displays conflict resolution techniques, and develop talent. Her objective is to work with a group of individuals that have the same passion as she does to do the work of the kingdom

JOHN WIDEMAN, Director of Education

was born in Greenwood, South Carolina. He graduated from Emerald High School in 2006. Since his graduation from high school, Johnathon has been very involved in the educational field. He is college educated, employed as an educator, and committed to advocacy work through his educational initiatives.

​Johnathon obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Coker College (2010). While at Coker, Johnathon took interest in the development of the African American culture in American society. Because of this interest, Johnathon in conjunction to his Bachelor of Arts, pursued and obtained an African America Specialization certificate from Coker College. Eager to learn more about the field of education, Johnathon decided to pursue a Masters of Education from Columbia College (2011). In his Divergent Learning graduate program, Johnathon learned about effective research based strategies to engage youth in their education. This program equipped Johnathon to work with diverse learners in a variety of educational settings. Upon graduating from Columbia College, Johnathon decided to obtain a second masters that would allow him to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an administrator. Johnathon applied and was accepted into the University of Scranton’s Master of Science Educational Administration k-12 program (2013). Through this program, Johnathon was equipped with the necessary knowledge to lead as a school-based or district level administrator. This knowledge has served Johnathon well in his current role as an assistant principal.

​Throughout his professional career, Johnathon has assumed many leadership roles besides that of an assistant principal. He was a classified administrator for Emmanuel Christian School, serving as the Assistant Director of After School Care and the Assistant Director of Summer Camp. From there, he went to be a sixth-grade science teacher at Lee Central Middle School. He also taught fifth grade math while working at Lee Central Middle. Johnathon served in the following leadership roles at Lee Central Middle: Lead PBIS teacher, grade level chair, ETHOS science chair, advisor for extracurricular activities, and, a mentor/supporter of the Gentlemen’s Club. An opportunity presented itself to work in an elementary setting, and Johnathon served as a sixth-grade math teacher at Dewey L Carter Elementary. As a teacher at Dewey L Carter, He served as the grade level chair, advisor to the DLC morning news, and cofounder and mentor of a male mentoring club entitled Young Men Growing Up. During his spare time, Johnathon worked as an adult education instructor for Poynor Adult Education Center and Palmer PreRelease Center.

​While being a teacher at Lee Central Middle, Johnathon became very passionate about anti-bullying initiatives. It was during that time that he started writing The Bully Who Was Bullied, a children’s book about bullying. Johnathon allowed time to pass before the book was actually published. Before his book was published, Johnathon had the opportunity to present anti-bullying workshops on behalf of Inspire Us, a nonprofit organization serving the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. As a result of these workshops and seeing students who suffered from being bullied, Johnathon decided to publish his book, The Bully Who Was Bullied in 2016. Since then, Johnathon has held book signing(s) in South Carolina and has inspired other to speak out against bullying.


has been an educator since 2005, but he began to realize while working for the College Reach Out Program at the University of West Florida in 2003, that he had felt a deep responsibility for mentoring and teaching young people. Sharrod earned his Bachelor’s in Arts degree in Communications from UWF in 2002. A few years later, Sharrod began his teaching and coaching career at West Florida High School for Advanced Technology. Sharrod currently serves as a teacher and coach at Windermere Prep School in Windermere, Florida. 
Sharrod has always had a passion for sports, as he earned a basketball scholarship and played 4 years at UWF under head coach Don Hogan. After beginning his coaching career in Pensacola coaching basketball and football, Sharrod moved on to coaching track and field, and cross-country at Windermere Prep School. Along with serving as the head assistant for the boys’ basketball team at WPS, Sharrod also served as head track and field coach (10 years) and head crosscountry coach (5 years). Coach Williams, as he’s referred to on the WPS campus, enjoys teaching students’ life lessons through teaching sport 
Coach Williams owes every good thing in his life to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Coach Williams understands that his faith in God is what drives him to be an excellent teacher and coach, as well as an excellent father and husband. Coach Williams currently resides in Ocoee, Florida with his wife, Dr. Leslie Williams and his 3 boys Zavien (15), Jayden(13) and Mason(12). 


has been in education since 2002, growing in her role as an educator. Her education background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Master of Arts in Curriculum Instruction in Secondary Education, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Studies in Education. At the beginning of her career, she taught high school English courses to students in grades 9-12. During her teaching career, she was nominated by her peers and received the award for Teacher of the Year at Booker T. Washington High School (Escambia County). Currently, Dr. Williams serves as the High School Director for Windermere Preparatory School where she works with teachers, counselors, students and their families, as well as other administration to ensure that the educational environment is enriching academically, socially, and emotionally for the students.

Dr. Leslie Williams also has a passion for all things health and wellness. As an avid fitness enthusiast, she earned her certification for personal training and sports nutrition so that she could continue to “teach” others about bettering themselves, even though she is no longer in the classroom. She strives to create an environment where people around her are informed about health choices, understanding that when the body is fit and able to do the work, the mind will work at its best as well.

Dr. Leslie Williams is able to perform her duties because of the deep relationship she has with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the support that she has from her husband, Sharrod Williams, and their three sons, Zavien, Jayden, and Mason. Because of her walk with the Lord, she has been given many opportunities that He has guided her through. The partnership that she has with Sharrod, with whom she works and coaches cross-country, has enabled the couple to be good examples of what Christian marriage can be for the students that they serve each day.

DONNA FERGUSON, Director of Kingdom Preparatory Academy Childcare 

was born in Port Jefferson, New York. She moved to Clermont, Florida where she became a licensed child care director. She knew from an early age that she wanted to work with children. She has three daughters of her own, Taliah, Bianca and Azaria. She attended Poultney High School and Champlain College for ECE and child psychology in Poultney, Vermont. She has over 20 years of experience teaching and working with children.  She joined the One Body Outreach, Inc. family as Director of Kingdom Preparatory Academy childcare because she is committed to providing children with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning.




One Body Outreach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in 2016. The main objective when launching this non-profit is to unify the communities by utilizing things we take for granted to help others in need so that they too can have the opportunity to thrive in life.

Grace Community Center will serve as a location where the public can come, receive training needed to further their career goals, maintain fitness, and most importantly, give children and families a safe outlet to enjoy recreational life together. We will also house our mentoring program for troubled youth here as well.

Rescue and Restore is a program we launched 2 years ago that rescues those who are homeless or in need of assistance with housing and/or food. He have fed over 500 families with the help of Second Harvest and FAITH Neighborhood Center! This program is continually open to receiving donations or sponsors to help us acquire RV's and trailers to house homeless families so that they can come to a stable environment while they regroup and strive to get their lives back on track. While in the transitional housing, we will teach them budgeting, help with resume writing, interviewing skills, babysitting services, and transportation to job interviews. We want to house each family rent/utility free for the first four months,then they will take over the lot rent and utilities as a stepping stone to becoming self-sufficient.

Kingdom Preparatory Academy is a K-12 private school that will have a day care on site. The school's curriculum is through ACE Ministries and will offer vocational trades to expand the opportunities for the students.